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The High Tower Trus-T-Lift wheelchair lifts now allows people with mobility issues to actually break down barriers that had been a financial barrier. Before the High Tower Trus-T-Lift people had to come up with the money for a complete elevator costing thirty to sixty thousand dollars. Many people simply were unable to pay that amount of money. Now with the Trus-t-Lift People can actually gain wheelchair access for less then ten thousand. remain active, improving the quality of life. It's personal freedom.

The Trus-T-Lift will accommodate up to 12' Ft distance from floor to floor. Travel needed for 8' ft, 10' ft, and 12' ft applications. If you should need shorter travel Click Here.!

Safety, comfort and convenience were Trus-T-Lift  #1 design considerations.



  • Innovative Soft Touch Control Pads for ease of operation.
  • Direct drive Worm-Gear / Screw-Nut Drive for maintenance free operation, incorporating zero load start for cold weather climates (drive system allows motor to get up to full speed before lifting car).
  • Expanded Metal Platform allows full under platform visibility.
  • Keyed Emergency Stop to control use of lift.
Smooth and quiet performance makes this light weight, dependable and versatile unit perfect for any residential or commercial application. Our High Tower Lift's will go as high as 12' Feet and can be used with many applications.


24" Inch

52" Inch

72" Inch

96" Inch

120" Inch

144" Inch    

  The Perfect Lift For Every Application. (2), (4), (6), (8), (10) & (12) Ft High Quality Travel Towers At A Affordable Price.  
  Engineering and Design at its very best. Most lifts would have been severely damage by (5) feet of water. NOT the High Tower Trus-T-Lift all of its electronics as well as motor and gearbox are at the top of the tower. This design protects it from sudden flooding. Look closely at the photo or you may miss that the home is on cinderblock stilts, why..? the home is near the ocean and they know this water will come at some point.  



  The High Tower Trus-T-Lift is one of the worlds most largely used lifts as it is acceptable by code requirements in most any application. Both Residential and Commercial application.

Residential use has filled the need in many homes allowing a person confined to a wheelchair access to the next level of there home.

Commercial use has filled the need for many business's that may have been required by law to remove barriers. There are many business that simply feel they need to create access to those that are confined to a wheelchair. The Trus-T-Lift has been the answer time and time again filling the needs of many Residential and Commercial applications.


Pricing & Buy Here.!

Adjacent Access
Straight Through Access

Deck Dimensions (L, D, W)

Deck Length
Deck Width
Total Width
Straight Through Access
54" (1372 mm)
34" (864 mm)
48" (1219 mm)
Adjacent Access
54" (1372 mm)
40" (1016 mm)
54" (1372 mm)

Tower Dimensions (H)

Total Travel
Tower Height
28" (711 mm) Lift Height
48" (1219 mm)
52" (1321 mm) Lift Height
72" (1829 mm)
72" (1829 mm) Lift Height
92" (2337 mm)
96" (2438 mm) Lift Height
118" (2997 mm)
120" (3048 mm) Lift Height
142" (3607 mm)
144" (3658 mm) Lift Height
166" (4216 mm)



  • Constant pressure Soft Touch control pads
  • 550 pound (250-kg) lift capacity
  • Constant pressure Soft Touch control pads
  • 8 feet/minute lift speed
  • Direct worm gear/acme screw drive
  • Non-load-bearing backup safety nut on lift shaft
  • Low maintenance
  • Expanded metal platform with full under platform visibility and non skid surface
  • 8" positive action, reversible toe-plate for universal access
  • Emergency manual operation
  • Fuse box accessible from carriage
  • Quick and easy set-up and adjustment
  • Baked on Powder Coat finish
  • Baked on Powder Coat finish
  • Extreme Weather resistant design
  • U.L. and C.S.A. Certified


  • Under platform safety plate and solid platform
  • Carriage gate
  • Landing gates
  • Portable model
  • Solid Hand Rail
  • 12V DC battery backup
  • 18" extra wide toe plate
  • Remote call stations
  • Electric Interlocks



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